• 2018 Grant Guidelines

    The Rotary Club of Summerville Grant Fund (the RCSGF) is a charitable grant-making fund organized by the Rotary Club of Summerville in Summerville, S.C., that is used exclusively for charitable purposes within the meaning of Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 (the “Code”).


    The RCSGF makes contributions primarily to support local community needs, although the fund’s granting authority is flexible enough to support other projects deemed by the Fund’s committee to qualify for charitable, educational or other philanthropic purposes.

    Grants disbursed by the RCSGF are primarily targeted for unique or non-recurring needs, as outlined below. Grants are for specific short-term projects, one-time events or one-time needs. Grants, awarded within the scope of the purposes of section 501(c)(3) of the Code, are not awarded to organizations for multiple or successive years. Grants will not be awarded for general operating needs of an organization.

    There are two categories of grants, Beneficiary grants (awarded annually) and Off-Cycle grants. Beneficiary grants are selected and announced on June 1st. Off-Cycle grants, typically lower in value than Beneficiary grants, may be awarded at any time during the year based on the same criteria and availability of funds.  

    Grant eligibility

    To receive a grant from the RCSGF, organizations must meet the following requirements.

    1. Nonprofit organization.  The grantee organization must be:
      1. A non-profit organization in compliance with Section 501(c)(3) of the Code, or
      2. If the grantee is not a non-profit organization as describe above, the RCSGF Committee shall exercise due diligence in determining eligibility for any grant.
    2. Proximity. Grant applications should focus on projects that are primarily within the Greater Summerville area of Dorchester/Berkeley County. 
    3. Type of projects. When applying for RCSGF funding, it is important for organizations to understand that the RCSGF Committee does not normally fund multi-year projects, recurring needs, operating expenses, or annual budget items. It focuses on specific, one-year unique or non-recurring needs that support priorities of the Rotary Club of Summerville. Ideally, the grant should cover all or most of the cost of the proposed activity. This helps the RCSGF Committee distinguish an eligible request from a non-eligible request for operational funds. Funded projects generally fall into, but are not limited to six Service Focus areas:
      1. Hunger & Nutrition
      2. Housing & Shelter
      3. Literacy and Education
      4. Children and Families
      5. Health and Wellness, and
      6. Building Better Communities
    4. Single year grants. While charities may apply for grants in successive years, the awarding of a grant in one year will not increase the likelihood of award of a grant in the following year. Each grant cycle stands on its own, considering the number, quality, and diversity of applications.
    5. Grant amount. Generally, the RCSGF Committee considers requests for grants with Beneficiary grants being typically $2,000 to $20,000, and Off-Cycle grants being under $1,500. Partial grants may be awarded.

    Grant selection and disbursement process

    The RCSGF uses the following process to award grants to qualified nonprofit organizations:

    1. Advisory committee. As related under the provisions of the by-laws of the Rotary Club of Summerville, the Beneficiary Committee will accept, consider and make recommendations to the Rotary Club of Summerville board on grant applications received on a periodic basis, as outlined below.

    2. Grant pool. At the beginning of each fiscal year, the RCSGF Committee will receive information from the Rotary Club of Summerville board about the amount of money expected to be released for grants for that fiscal year.

    3. Grant approval cycle.

    1. Beneficiary grants: The Committee will accept, review and make recommendations for Beneficiary Grants once a year. Applications will be accepted beginning November 1st through January 31st for grants to be approved by June 1st of the same year.
    2. Off Cycle grants: Off-Cycle grant applications can be accepted at any time during the year, with awards made on the basis of timeliness and availability of funds.

     The Beneficiary Committee, which is responsible for approving or denying grant requests, will consider, review and make recommendations to the RCS board for both categories of grants as necessary.

    4. RCS board approval. After receiving the Committee’s recommendation, the Rotary Club of Summerville board then will make final decisions regarding grant awards. Once approved, the RCSGF Committee will notify successful grant recipients and those organizations whose applications have been denied.

    How to apply for a grant

    Interested organizations must submit a completed Grant Application form which can be found on the Rotary Club of Summerville website or from a Rotary Club of Summerville member.

    Grant requests must be submitted electronically by sending the completed application by e-mail to: Chairman, Beneficiary Committee, Rotary Club of Summerville at dp4teamh1@aol.com.

    Grant payment

    Grant payments will be processed by the RCSGF Committee as soon as administratively possible upon receipt of instruction from the Rotary Club of Summerville board. Beneficiary grant payments will be made at an appropriate ceremony. Off-Cycle grant payments will be made expeditiously when approved by the RCSGF Committee.

    For more information

    Contact the president of the Rotary Club of Summerville, whose name and email address can be found at the RCS website.  - David Powell EMAIL


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