• Our club has a proud history of recognizing Rotarians that embrace and represent the motto of "Service Above Self". Since the induction of our club in 1947 we've had Rotarians that stand out in leadership and service qualities. Those Rotarians receive recognition at our annual installation banquet.

  • Thomas A. Bryce Memorial Award

    Distinguished Leadership

    Fred Hoose


    Occasionally, an outstanding leader will come our way, such was the case with Captain Tom Bryce.  He was a graduate of the United States Naval Academy and one of Admiral Rickover’s boys in the start-up of the Nuclear Submarine Program.  He commanded one of the first nuclear subs and was truly a pioneer in that field.  After retiring to Summerville, he continued his service connection as the Naval Science Instructor at Summerville High School.  His students were always eager participants, in uniform, at functions such as parades, the 4th of July Celebration or anywhere the could give aid or assistance.

    Captain Bryce became a Rotarian on November 10, 1976, and never stopped serving.  One of the outstanding projects he led was the aluminum can recycling project from 1980 through 1983.  During the project’s duration, it removed 18,885,640 cans off our roadsides, by-ways, and backyards.  This resulted in our Club’s ability to put more than $140,000 into the community and $25,259 into our Scholarship Fund.

    The first recipient of the Thomas A. Bryce Memorial Award for Distinguished Leadership was J. C. Lipham in 1988.  J. C. was also a leader in Rotary having served as District Governor in 1973.

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  • Richard Heinsohn Memorial Award

    Outstanding First Year Rotarian

    Corey Greene


    Within a day of Hack Neal’s death, Richard Heinsohn, manager of the SCE&G Branch in Summerville, stopped on I-26 to change a flat tire for a woman and was struck by a passing truck and killed.  Richard had been a member of the Rotary Club of Summerville for a relatively short time.  However, he had already proved himself to be a dedicated, energetic and responsive Rotarian.  If there was a project or a job to be done, he was ready to do his share and more.  Following Richard’s death, our Club decided that we should have a Richard Heinsohn Award to be given to one of the newer members of the Club who would best exemplify the ideals and goals of Rotary.  Normally, this award is given to a Summerville Rotarian with less than two year’s service in the Club.  The first person to receive the Outstanding First Year Rotarian award was Joseph S. Gasque in 1982.

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  • Hack Neal Memorial Award

    Rotarian(s) of the Year

    Herman Dixon


    In 1976, when the country was preparing to celebrate its 200th anniversary, the Rotary Club of Summerville was looking for a way to participate.  Our President at that time (1976-1977) was a retired Air Force Brigadier General, Haskell (Hack) Neal.  Hack and Dr. Erbert (Bert) Cicenia conceived the plans for our primary club project, “An Old Fashion Fourth of July Celebration”, for all our friends and neighbors in Summerville.  Hack served as the first general chairman bringing in military color guards, bands, and one year parachutists who jumped onto Doty Field.  One of the team missed the mark and landed in a backyard where the homeowner was barbecuing.  The man made the worst remark without thinking, “might have known it was a woman”.  The celebration stayed at Doty Field for five years before moving to Gregg Campus because of lack of space for the large crowds now attending.  A fire in the pine straw on top of an armory garage building, caused by the fireworks, may have contributed to the move.

    Hack Neal had been a Rotarian for ten years when he died in July 1981.  Feeling a tremendous loss, the Club wanted to do something in his honor.  The Hack Neal Memorial Award for Outstanding Club Service was presented the first time in 1982 to Captain Thomas A. Bryce, U.S. Navy.

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  • Brunson Westbury Award

    Service Above Self

    Claude Pritchard


    The Brunson Westbury Award for Service Above Self came about the year June Sullivan was President (2008).  When the committee was meeting to talk about the annual banquet awards, June asked that an award be created that recognized those people who were keystones in the club that didn't just move through the offices and then "retire," but continued to contribute their time and talents year after year to make the club outstanding. The committee that included June Sullivan, Tony Pope, Don Nye, and Sean Bennett created the criteria to receive this award.

    The criteria are as follows:  

    • a Rotarian for 20 or more years
    • served in a Rotary leadership role (subcommittee, committee chair (director), officer, district or RI leader) with at least 4 years on the board
    • been continuously active in projects of the club during his/her membership
    • demonstrates leadership in the Summerville business community (past or present)
    • exemplifies the motto of "Service Above Self"
    • serves as a role model for all new Rotarians in the club  

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